Saturday, June 21, 2014

Toddler Talk Part 3

Nothing is cuter than toddler talk. Their little made up words, brutal honesty, and adorable way of saying things you would never anticipate. Here are a few of Kaylee's:

K: "Mama going poo poo in your pants? That so yucky, mama!"
M: "I didn't go poo poo in my pants" (btw I didn't even pass gas)
K: "Not yeeeeeeeeet!" in a sing song you just wait little voice.

I threw a big frumpy t-shirt on one morning.
K upon seeing me: "Gasp! Nice dress, mama!!!"

Kaylee and I went to music in the park to get ice cream. As we were leaving:
Kaylee: "I like ice cream!"
Me: "I love ice cream!"
Kaylee: "I love YOU, mama!"
She then proceeded to tell everyone we passed, "I love my mama so much" with a few, "I love Kaylee" thrown in for fun.

Kaylee was on the slide in the backyard while I was watering. My hubby was at work. 
K: "Mama!"
M: "Yes, Kaylee?"
K: "Dada is sooooo whiney!!!" And then she went back to playing.

After singing a little made up song Kaylee says, "Mama, Kay-kee is songing (singing)."

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