Thursday, June 12, 2014

24 Months

My Big Girl,
You are two years old today, my love. My mind struggles to remember the days you were so helpless and small. These days, you have to do everything yourself no matter how long it takes. You spend your days chattering to me and sharing your thoughts. You still find clothes a nuisance and can't figure out why we have to wear them. Of course, sunglasses are a must since you have always been sensitive to the sun shining in your eyes. It isn't unusual to find you parading through the garden completely naked with your sunglasses picking veggies along the way. It is a sight to be seen!

Your favorite activities include helping me do chores and cook or anything that involves copying exactly what I am doing, often making my job a little more difficult, but a little more fun at the same time. You also love taking walks before the heat of the afternoon. Of course, nothing can beat spending all morning and evening in the garden. You make yourself busy digging holes, picking produce (especially tomatoes and strawberries), watering plants, and finding bugs.

Little one, there isn't a single day that passes that I am not eternally grateful to be your mother. To have the chance to watch you grow into the beautiful person you are becoming. I wake up every morning knowing I am the luckiest mother in the world to call you my own!

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