Sunday, June 8, 2014

Early Mornings

My favorite memories are always made in summer. The cool crisp air of mornings in my garden. The chatter of Kaylee talking to lady bugs and dragonflies which frequent our little patch of land. The wide open flowers reaching to the low laying sun, letting me know that a crop will be here shortly. The sleeping bees tucked in the brilliant orange of the zucchini flowers. The basket full of the days vegetables and herbs. The tug of Kaylee's hand asking me to "see ready??" her favorite vegetable of the day. The excitement a ripe tomato or raspberry elicits from her tiny spirit. The feel of bark chips beneath our shoes and soil between our fingers. The warmth of the sun on our backs as the morning continues on. The smell of mint and basil filling the air. My favorite moments are always found in the early morning of summer.

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