Monday, May 5, 2014

Toddler Tak Part 2

K does really understand what the word dry means, but uses it often to mean something that is not hot. K and I went on a date for coffee (for me) and croissants. So here was this little girl, not yet two, sitting in a coffee shot biting a croissants saying, Oh, this dry!!" She seemed like quite the snob!!

Every time she poops in her potty she always says, 
"Yay, poopoo! No caracol (snail in Spanish), poo poo." 
Thanks, for the clarification, Kaylee!

My husband and I were holding each other close dancing around the living room. After a few minutes we stopped to get on with our lives. 
K started shouting, "Boob boob on!"
We couldnt figure out what you wanted (especially since you are now weaned) until you pushed us together chest to chest (boob to boob) and said, boob boob on. I guess you liked our dance moves.

K was showing her dada President Lincoln and said, "Lincoln!"
My husband: "Yes, that is Lincoln." 
My husband has an accent and so the way he says Lincoln isn't really the same was I do. 
K upon hearing him say Lincoln her brows furrowed, "No, Lincoln!" 
Hubby, "Yes, Lincoln" (with his accent obviously). 
Kaylee, upset, "LINCOLN!" 
Me: "Just say it like a white person" 
He exaggerated an American accent, "Lincoln" 
Kay smiled, "Lincoln! No, Lincoln (with his accent) Dada!" 
Totally rude had it been an adult, but coming from an innocent kid it was really funny.

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