Saturday, May 3, 2014


Riding along the river, stopping to feed the baby ducks, watching the turtles sunbathe, and looking for fish under the greenish blue water the sun is shining bright. It is a beautiful Spring day as I ride my bike down the path homebound after a full morning of exploring all the river has to offer. Kaylee is the trailer behind me I peek back to see her lounging, feet propped up on the side of the trailer, sunglasses on and a water bottle in her hand.

"Mama!" Kaylee calls to me.
"What baby girl?" I ask turning my head slightly in her direction.
"Mama, Taytee happy!"
"You know what baby girl? Mama is happy too!"

And we were, happy in each others presence, happy in the sunshine, happy with the wind in our hair, happy we have one another to enjoy our days together. Days like these are what motherhood is all about. 


  1. Lovely evocation. I am happy you were able to enjoy this special time with your daughter. Hoping all good and peaceful things for you.

  2. I love this, those moments are the best! Happy Mother's Day from a fellow CF mom:)

    1. Happy mothers day to you too! Just checked out your blog and will be a regular :)