Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toddler Talk

I find myself thinking, "I can't believe you said/did that!" about a million times a day, dear little K, but by the time Dada gets home I can't remember anything that you did. I am going to write down some of your funny quotes and keep them in a monthly series so I don't forget.

1. Walking along the sidewalk you found a pile of dog poo. You stopped pointed to it, looked up at me with concern and asked accusatory tone, "Mama poo poo?" I reminded you I poo in the potty and that was dog poo. Now whenever you see dog poo you always remind yourself, "No mama poo poo. Do Do poo poo." Glad we straightened that out!

2.You are obsessed with the alphabet and know most of the alphabet in Spanish and a few letters you know in both English and Spanish one of which is the letter J. Recently while talking about your uncle Jay you stopped mid sentence and corrected yourself, calling him jota (J in Spanish). Uncle Jay is now referred to as Tio Jota (we had to teach Uncle Jay what jota meant though).

3. You are obsessed with your dedos (toes) doing human like activities. You like them to turn the pages of your books, play with your toys and weird kid stuff like that. The worst though, was when I caught you pretending your dedos were doing breathing treatments compete with spitting mucus into a cup!

4. You helped your Papa and I plant a few trees in our yard (peach and cherry!). You didn't like the idea of fillinf the holes with soil so we told you the soil was the trees num nums (food). A few days later I found you holding a clump of dirt up to our raspberry plants saying, "num num tree!" and making fake chomping sounds.

5.You were really mad about coming into the house after playing outside for your nap. As we came in the door you lets out a huge, loud, ear piercing shriek. I sat you down and we had a talk about how it is okay to be sad or mad, but it is not okay to scream at mama. You looked at me and said, "Taytee (Kaylee) yes yes wee wee (cry). No Taytee AHHHH!" Later while putting you down to nap you were crying big huge crocodile tears since you didn't want to sleep. Then you suddenly stopped crying and said, "Taytee wee. No AHHH" and then went back to crying your big fake tears.

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