Friday, March 28, 2014


So sickness came to visit our house once again. It seems to find it's way to us, uninvited, on a regular basis now. It started as it usually does, through my husband. I was finally in a good exercise routine, feeling better from the hospital, and doing well so my heart sunk when he said he felt a scratchy throat coming on. We tried to quarantine him and I took extra naps, went to bed early, upped my supplements, but once my daughter caught it I knew I was the next victim. There is no escaping the wrath of sick baby germs when you wipe their nose, snuggle their germy faces, and get coughed on by their tiny mouths.

The nasty head cold left me coughing so hard and long I was without a voice for longer than the duration of the cold. Just as I started to feel like my cold was going away I started to feel feverish. As the days went on the cold symptoms disappeared, but the fevers, oh the fevers, became uncontrollable, often 103 even after taking Tylenol!! I was left most of the day shaking and sweating in bed. I eventually ended up in urgent care one evening after having excruciating pain in my right flank. Although, I never found out the cause (yet- they are still investigating) of what was going on I was given antibiotics and after being sick for over 2 weeks (the cold and then fevers) I am finally feeling well again. My energy is back, my appetite is back, and I am starting to get back into my "well" routine. I am hoping to stay healthy long enough to work on all the plugging that is clogging up my lungs. I need a break from sickness to work on my CF which so desperately needs attention. Luckily, I am still doing flutter 2x/day, 100-120 minutes of Vest a day, and 20 minutes of percussor so I am hoping so much that it is starting to make a difference. How can it not, right?? Right?


  1. Ick ...I'm so happy to hear you're all better. That sounds horrible! My baby is 8months now and we have been SO LUCKY to not have gotten sick yet *knocks on wood* Enjoy your healthy state ;)

    1. Great job on keeping her healthy this long. K got her first cold at 6 months and I felt so bad for her! There is nothing worse than a sick baby :(