Wednesday, March 12, 2014

21 Months

Dear Curly Haired K,
You are becoming so grown up and I love watching you transform right before my eyes. Our days are full of conversation (often the same topic repeated over and over), art, playing in the yard, seeing family, and lots and lots of snuggles!

I am learning a lot about myself through your language development. I need to stop saying the word, "shit". I also must lose things a lot because you love to open drawers and cabinets, look around with a puzzled expression and say, "Hmmmm? Hmmm? Huh? Huh?"

Things You Like: You love narrating life so we get an instant replay of everything we do all the time! For example after I returned from a run I got this little replay,

K, "Mama run, run, run!
Me:"Yes, mama went on her run."
K, "TayTee (Kaylee) home wee wee wee (she says wee wee to indicate she was crying).
Me, "Oh, was Kaylee crying while mama was gone?"
K, "Yesh, Mama back. No mas (no more in Spanish) wee wee.

Or at the hardware store with my dad. He dropped something while we were walking

K, "Uh oh. Papa drop! Mama drop? No, Papa drop. Taytee drop? No Papa drop. No Nana drop. Papa drop. Yes, Papa drop. Uh oh drop Papa! Uh oh Uh oh. Papa drop." (this went on for a very long time)

You also like to retell stories with a little extra drama. Who knew that started so young. After playing outside for a little the neighbors dog came out and poked his nose through the fence to see what you were doing. You said hi to him and carried on your business of digging in the dirt. Later when we went in you told dada,

K: "Dada!! Chucho (dog in Spanish) come! Taytee gasp!!!!!" you dropped your jaw and looked shocked throwing your hands over your gaping mouth. Somehow my memory is that you were rather indifferent to the dog.

Dislike: Your hair keeps getting longer and longer, but you can't tell unless it is wet because as it gets longer it gets curlier and curlier. Those crazy curls match your spunky personality, however, they have a tendency to curl into each other making tangles. And if there is one thing you hate it is getting your hair washed and you really don't like it brushed (with my fingers- I learned you don't use a regular brush on curls the hard way). If it were up to you your hair would be rockin dread locks. Mommy's hair is as straight as can be so I am still trying to figure out how to care for those little curls.

Words: You know *almost* the whole alphabet in Spanish (except you still think w is m) You can't recite the song correctly although you try, but you have letter recognition. It makes shopping a little slower since you have to tell me every single time you see a letter you recognize.

You keep saying new words everyday. Yesterday you said, "itchy" (while scratching your cheek) which was cool since I didn't know you even knew what that word meant. You also recently learned, "Mama get it" which, although cute, is not my favorite sentence since you are usually bossing me around with it!

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