Monday, March 24, 2014

Circus Act

Sometimes doing treatments with kids is like a circus act! My daughter is wildly independent in her play which makes treatment time so much easier than when she was little. She plays around the living room or goes outside (I can easily see her from where I do treatments). However, kids will be kids and there are days that I am pulling my hair out trying to get treatments done.

Today for example during one 30 minute Vest and neb cycle my sweet daughter:

  • Spilled water all down her dress and needed me to dry and change her clothes.
  • Went pee on the potty so I had to wipe, dump pee in big potty, wash hands, and clap and cheer.
  • Fell out of her chair while eating a snack and needed a "mama hug" and kisses.
  • Went poop on the potty and needed me to help her wipe, dump, wash hands, and cheer.
  • Finished her snack and asked for more banana adding a long, "pleeeease" at the end. 
  • Dropped a wooden block in her toddler potty and then cried because she didn't want to touch it because poo poo goes in the potty. 
My thirty minute treatments quickly turned into an hour and a half! At least life is never boring with a toddler in the house!!

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