Sunday, January 19, 2014

When 3 turns into 6

After admitting to myself that I really needed to be admitted tot he hospital in order to hopefully end this year of bad health I knew I could not be away from my daughter for a full two weeks. I called my CF nurse and she agreed that I really only needed a few days of intense CPT and then I would be fine to go home and finish home IVs. I was told 3-4 days would be as long as I would have to be in the hospital. Of course, knowing the way hospitals work I told myself that I would be out in 4-5 days tops. 

Yeah, so apparently when you are a stay at home mom you don't pay attention to holidays and when you don't pay attention to holidays and you get admitted to the hospital you set yourself up for disaster. On Friday (day 3) I was told I would most likely go home the next day, but I also know weekends can be a little tricky. I figured I would be out by Sunday (day 5) as a worst case scenario. And then someone reminded me that it was a long weekend which suddenly makes setting up my home IVs even more challenging. As of now I am going on day 6(!!!!!!) of my 4 day max stay and am not sure I can get home until Tuesday due to my insurance office not being open. I feel like I might go crazy being away from my heart and soul, my daughter this long. I have officially decided I am never ever going to agree to an admission before thoroughly checking the calendar and making sure there are absolutely no holidays anywhere near my potential release date. 

The only thing that is keeping me going is knowing that my daughter is handling the time away from me amazingly well. She visits everyday, often twice and we snuggle, eat snacks, sing songs, and play. She then goes home and has done so well playing with her daddy and grandpa (my dad) who have been caring for her. She loved coming to the hospital and playing with a bear my sister gave me (that K named Roar). Yesterday when she didn't want to leave she decided she would willingly leave if she could take Roar with her. She now sleeps cuddled up to her teddy Roar instead of her mama. I seriously cannot wait until Roar gets the boot and mama can snuggle her baby again.

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