Sunday, January 19, 2014

Learning Something New

It has been a very long time since I have had a RT do my treatments with me since I usually do home IVs. During this stay I have learned from my RTs a little bit about my unique case of CF. First, I realized I am very productive. I have had several comments from a few RTs along the lines of,

"Wow, you sure coughed up a lot with that treatment"
"That must have been really effective, look how much mucus you got out of your lungs."
"I can't believe how much you coughed out"

Which is cool and all, but if you ask me it seems I am coughing up the same (if not a little less) than usual. Apparently, I am a very productive cyster. Lovely.

Second, I apparently have very thin mucus. RTs like to look in my spit cup and make comments on my mucus and one that comes up is how thin it is. I guess if you are going to have copious amount of mucus it helps for it to be super thin. 

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