Sunday, January 12, 2014

19 months

Dear Princess,
This month has been all about colors for you! You are absolutely obsessed with your colors! You want to know what color everything is! This tree. That book. The dog. The wall. You know all your colors in Spanish except yellow which you will only say in English. If we try to tell you in Spanish you look at us like we grew two heads and correct us in English. You can identify yellow from miles away and you have almost perfected "nana" (naranja) "verve" (verde) and "rojo". The other colors get a little confusing and you often need a little help identifying them, but you are getting much better. Shopping is fun with you because you love to identify the color of the clothes as you walk by. You get pretty frustrated with me when you ask me what color something is (in your own made up babble language) and I don't know what you are asking. I usual figure it our once you start raising your voice. I now default to telling you colors if I am ever in doubt of what you want.

Thing You Like: You are obsessed with books. I remember babysitting kids as a teenager when they were in this stage and I thought it was cute, reading 8 million books in a row. As a mom, not so much. I mean, I LOVE reading to you and I LOVE that you love books. But reading the same books over and over and over every single day gets a little...dull. But the cool thing about reading is you are getting interested in letters and although you think you know all your letters you really only know the letter "o". You love to look for letter O when I read to you and you point them out on each page. Pretty cool!

You are also obsessed with counting to four in Spanish. Although your cuatro comes out as "caca" which always makes me laugh and is a little embarrassing in public! Your favorite thing to count are your toes (apparently you only have 4 toes, but we are working on number 5!)

Things You Dislike: You get so very frustrated when we don't know what you are saying. I understand because when I was learning Spanish I would often say things perfectly, in my mind, and nobody would understand. I found it one of the most frustrating things in the world so I totally get your tantrums on that one!

What I Like About This Age: You are so so very independent. You play by yourself so much that sometimes I feel left out! You have the best imagination and you are such a jokester, you are constantly making us laugh! 

New Words: Since you talk nonstop I thought I would put some of the funny words you say wrong because that is half the fun of listening to you talk!

  • gub gub: shoes
  • Aloh- Hola (backwards)
  • pio pio - chicken. Pio pio is what baby chicks say (Spanish) so I think it is funny/gross you call your food what the animal says)
  • baby chee chee - raisins (baby dried cherries)
  • Brrrrrrm- car (she specifies if it is mama's,  dada's, or Kaylees (stroller)

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