Saturday, March 23, 2013

Love and Honey

My husband and I try to have a family outing at least once a week. It is usually something free like going to the river or the park, but sometimes we will go out to eat or go to the zoo. We decided this Friday we would go on a picnic. When we woke up this morning it was really windy and with allergies in full force we decided to go to an early dinner in the city instead. After we finished eating and we were sitting back and talking a young attractive man came by and was cleaning the tables. My 9 month old daughter was transfixed. She stared at him wide eyed, watching his every move. She then started saying hi to him in her sweetest voice. He was too far away to hear her, but she kept at it. At one point she had to lean away from my husband and push him out of the way so she could keep her eyes glued to the young man cleaning tables. He was eventually close enough to hear her little, "hi". and he responded, but of course kept about his work. As he moved further away my smitten daughter decided to pull out the big guns to get his attention, blowing raspberries all while watching for his reaction. He traveled further away until he was out of site and my sweet daughter finally turned her attention back to us. At this point my husband and I were wiping tears from our eyes because we had never seen her respond to someone like that before and it was hilarious!

On our way home we stopped by a honeybee store to pick up local honey in hopes of reducing our reactions to spring allergies. The place was beyond adorable and despite the fact that it was only 5 blocks form our old apartment this was the first time I ever stepped foot in the store. The place was really busy and according to the owner it had been that way ever since allergy season hit. Here is to hoping that local honey along side my allergy pills this spring will be less allergy induced than last year. Anyone used local honey to reduce allergies?


  1. I just found this interview series and find them very inspiring. 4 kids, what a blessing! Glad you are doing well!

    1. Eeek...I meant to post this on Fayes story. Don't know how I posted in the wrong spot!!