Friday, March 15, 2013

9 Months

Dear Kaylee,
You are nine months old today. You have been outside of my body s long as you were inside my body. It seems strange to only have known you for nine months. It feels as if we have been together, mother and daughter, forever.

You follow simple directions now which is so amazing! You will throw the ball, put pieces in a puzzle when we point to the correct spot, you will put objects inside each other, when I say, "Kaylee, look at me" or "no no" you follow directions. It is amazing to see how much you understand about what we say already!

You are a dancing machine! You dance when you hear any type of music. You can be in the middle of crying, hear music, stop crying and dance away. Your love for dancing is shared by both Mommy and Papi so we love dancing right along with you.

Things You Dislike: You are much too busy exploring your world to take a break for a diaper change. The second I lay you on your back you flip over and crawl away. I have now mastered changing a diaper while you stand because it is the only way to keep you happy!

What I like About This Age: You love to mimic everything we do. You are such a little monkey and it entertains your Papi and I all day long. We have to be careful though because Papi said, "darn" the other day (although both mommy and Papi have been known to say words that are much less appropriate) and you repeated him perfectly.  

One thing that is challenging about this age is that you are alllll over the house. Treatment time has become very interesting as you repeatedly fly down the hall in a super speed crawl. When I retreive you it is only moments before you take off again. I love your independence (ha! to all the people that say "natural parenting" creates needy babies and you need to teach independence to your baby), but sometimes I wish you would independently play in the living room during treatment time!

New Words: You are finding your voice in the world and are learning to say some words. This month you have been saying, "num num" (food you like), "baby" (which you say about babies, but about adults sometimes too), "mom" (so weird to hear you call me mom at such a young age), and you have said, "bye" on occasion while waving. 


  1. I love your updates. It's so hard to believe she is 9 months already. I'm sure it's flying by for you guys.

    1. It is strange because it goes so quickly, but our life before Kaylee seems like sooo long ago! In fact, I have trouble remembering my pre-Kaylee life.