Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sometimes Things Work Themselves Out

I had a good friend in college that moved across the country about a year after we graduated. He comes back once a year to visit family and friends with his son. This past weekend was his one time a year visit. I was supposed to get together with him Monday, but he was unsure as to what time.

As life sometimes gets in the way of plans ,Monday morning my husband's car was having trouble so we drove to the dealer and sat and waited and waited and waited. During this waiting I realized I forgot my phone. At home there was a message, "Can we meet at 3" sitting unchecked on my cell. 3, of course, is naptime. We returned home late without my husband's car. My husband had to take my car to work and I tried to figure out how to see my friend despite the fact that I was completely stranded. We couldn't coordinate it. It just wasn't in the cards and I was disappointing that I would not see my friend for yet another year.

The next day I see he posted on Facebook that he feels bad for anyone who has to sit next to his son because he has an awful hacking cough. Interesting that so many things made it impossible for us to see each other and yet, it actually worked out perfectly!


  1. Well I am glad you didn't expose your self to sickness!!! Sometimes things just work out. In this case it sure did :)

  2. Yes, but I caught something much much worse last Thursday. I guess it is good I didn't catch both! I will blog about my horrendous sickness soon.