Friday, December 30, 2016

Kaylee Chatter Part 2

  • "I am so cold right now I wish someone would pour 100 hot chocolates all over my body right now."
  • Kaylee still says aminal and knows she says it wrong, but can't figure out how to say it correctly. "Mom, why do I still say aminal wrong. When I was one it wasn't surprising I would say words like aminal wrong, but by three saying aminal instead of the right way is very surprising!" I love how she says aminal and will be sad when she finally figures out the correct way to say it.
  • "Mom, before the earth existed where were all the mommies and babies?"
    "That is a great question!"
    "Babies come from mommies bellies, but if there were no mommies, where were the babies? Like, was there just a wood floor with babies rolling around before mommies existed? I just don't get where they came from"
    Stalling to get my thoughts together, "Umm, yeah, well...."
    "Is it hard to explain, mom?"
    "No, it is just that I don't know the answer."
    "Like I thought they might be in the dirt with the worms, but wait, dirt didn't even exist."
    "Baby, that is a great question, but we don't really have the answer to those questions."
    "Maybe somebody else knows... maybe we can look it up on the internet"

    Maybe, Google can answer our existential questions... if only it were that easy!

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