Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Toddler Talk Part 6

Language development has been by far my absolute favorite part of watching my daughter grow up. The most fascinating and comical aspect of language development of an almost three year old is how one moment she can use words that seem far beyond her years only to completely botch the very next word that comes out of her mouth. So despite the correct use of words like disgusted, delightful, and homesick she also says the following not so correct sentences/words on a regular basis:

1. "Yummy to my chum chum chummy!"

2. She calls an oven mit a "hand bra"

2. Wrinkly fingers from the bath she calls "crumbly fingers"

3. Excuse me is said, "scoo scream"

4. Whenever she cries and her eyes are full of tears she calls them "blubbly" (like bubble with an extra l)

5. When I got home from the hospital, but was still on IVs we watched the Daniel Tiger where his mom is sick a lot. In the episode Daniel Tiger sings a song, "when you are sick rest is best." Kaylee still loves to sing, "When you're sick rest is rest" which seems a little redundant, but who am I to judge?

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