Thursday, August 7, 2014

No More Cough Cough

I have been doing really well keeping up with my exercise routine to the dismay of my daughter. She started crying whenever she saw me put on my exercise clothes. The other day I sat her down and explained that exercise helps mommy's lungs so that I don't cough so much. She seemed to understand and whenever she starts to get upset at the prospet of me leaving to the gym we talk about why I go to the gym and she usually calms down.

Last night, I had a horrible night cough and spent most of the night awake hacking away. Around 5am I found little Kaylee at my bedside where she whispered, "Kaylee exercise with mama so no more cough cough."  She doesn't actually know what exercise is, but she knows it helps me stop coughing. Despite waking her up two hours early because of my cough she came in my room full of love and a solution. I love this kid more every single day.

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