Friday, July 25, 2014

6 Weeks Later

About a month and a half after my first positive appointment in about 18 months I had a follow up appointment. To say I was nervous is an understatement. I felt much better health wise than when I was at my worse, but wasn't so sure I was any better than my previous appointment 6 weeks ago. When my health improves or declines slowly I seem to adjust with the change and it can be hard to measure the differences I feel. "Did I have this much energy two weeks ago?" "Was I coughing more than this after swimming last weekend?" can be impossible questions to answer because these changes can be so subtle.

So Monday morning as I waited for my PFTs I kept reassuring myself that as long as I didn't lose lung function I was okay. I had energy again, I was swimming again, I maintained my weight without supplements (I stopped Megace and due to an insurance issue didn't have Ensure). So although I wanted 35% (the goal I set for myself) I couldn't be too upset as long as I blew a 33.

2 months ago my PFTs were in the high 20s. 6 weeks ago I hit 33%. Last Monday I surpassed my goal of 35% and saw a beautiful 39% flashing on the screen!!! My highest PFT since getting the flu including my PFTs after all my IV abx and hospital stay.

And so this is officially my come back! My weight is stable despite being off Megace, my PFTs are climbing, and my monthly clinic visits were changed back to the typical once every 3 months. Watch out 40s here I come.


  1. yes yes YES!!!!!!!!!!! That is THE best news I have read all week. :) You're going to rock this! I have the same problem with trying to predict numbers - I adapt so quickly that often I'll think "oh, there's no change," even when there's a pretty significant increase or decrease.

  2. So glad to read this!! Keep kicking butt, cyster! :-)

  3. Very happy for you!