Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Other Mom

One trait (of many) I have passed on to my daughter is that she can be a tad (ton?) bossy. I figure she will make a great teacher or leader someday and will thank me for giving her this take charge personality. My husband just rolls his eyes, poor guy has two bossy take charge women in the house now! 

Lately, HTS has been irritating my lungs a little. I normally do HTS and my Vest at the same time, but I have been needing to take short breaks from HTS while Vesting just to let my lungs calm down a little. My daughter, who has watched me do treatments her entire life, has noticed this little change in my routine. Whenever she catches me stopping my nebulizer to let my lungs calm down she comes running over to me, grabs the neb cup and shoves it to my face saying, "In, mama!!" 

She sure is strict about me doing my treatments and she won't take any excuses! A resident at clinic once said she couldn't imagine doing all the treatments I do while caring for a toddler (her daughter was a few months younger than K). I could only laugh, she doesn't know my daughter!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I can't wait for you to meet your perfect little girl!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love how K wants you to do your treatments. How sweet! She is too cute. Have you asked your doctor about going down to a less concentrated dose of HTS? I nebulize a 3% because of how irritated my lungs were with 7%. Maybe you could alternate on days when it's really bothering you? I couldn't handle 7% at all.

    1. I recently started diluting it with regular saline. I started with about 6 drops, but then I didn't cough much out. I have been doing 4 lately and although my lungs are much less irritated I also don't cough out as much mucus. I am totally torn on to do!