Saturday, April 12, 2014

22 Months

Dear Cake-A-Lake,
I had no idea when you were growing in my belly I would give birth to smaller version of myself. You may look more like your daddy, but your personality is all mine. So often your Nana will look at me and say, "If you ever wonder what you were like as a kid...there you are!" Your obsessive love of snuggles, the way you successfully boss all your friends around, your over dramatic expressions, your willingness to stand up for yourself, your mothering ways with your little cousin, the way you yell when frustrated, the way a good hug fixes all your problems, yes, these are all the little things that you got from me! Love it or hate it you can totally blame it all on me!

Things You Like: You love being outside as much as humanly possible (you got that from me too). You love working in the garden, taking walks (especially now that we are seeing baby ducks along the river), watering the flowers, you just love being outside.

You also love your little cousin with all yoru heart. You love to baby him and cover him with kisses. You spend huge portions of your day talking about him or pretending to be him. I love that you have one another and hope you always stay close.

Things You Like: Naps, especially since i think you gave them up for good. I am less than pleased with this lack of nap situation, but little girl you are always growing u way too quickly and I guess I should have seen this coming too!

Words: Oh my goodness, I sure gave birth to a girl! You talk allllll day long! We went to breakfast the other day, just you and me kid and you talked the entire hour we were out. I mean talked nonstop! I love hearing what you have to say and the thoughts going through your mind.

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