Monday, February 10, 2014

Running again

I started running again! Okay, by run I mean jogging. Okay, Okay, by jogging I mean walk fast with a jogging motion. I am pretty sure I saw a centipede pass me by, but you get the idea. I am trying and that's what counts, right? After spending a week in the hospital where all I had was an exercise bike (lame exercise for my lungs) and then a week doing IVs, treatments 4x/day and wanting to pass out at 8:00 every night I got out of my running jogging jogging-like routine. It is amazing how quickly your lungs get out of shape when you take a little exercise vacation. In order to get my lungs back into shape I have been jogging(ish) every single day rain or shine (luckily, no snow for us and a cold day is anything under 60 degrees so "rain or shine" isn't really an impressive statement).

Today, my mom came to play with Kaylee for a while so I figured I would do an extra long jog just for good measure. So I did and guess what? When I got home I fell in a heap on my bed. And then I got stuck. Seriously, my body was boycotting life. So as I laid comatose in a pile on my bed I kept thinking of all the wonderful things I could do with my toddler-free time. I had laundry in the drier waiting to be folded and laundry in the wash waiting for the drier. How nice would it be to do laundry without a toddler "helping" take clothes from the dried one sock at a time. I needed a shower and how glorious would it be to shower without a little person frolicking around the bathroom taking a moment every few seconds to point at my naked body in the shower and shout with the excitement only toddlers have, "Cu cO!!!!" (Culo in Spanish and yes, yes, I know this is not the politically correct way to say gluteus maximus and these days you are supposed to teach your children the anatomically correct way to say body parts rather than teaching them some stupid nickname. BUT if you saw the way my daughter made a perfect little "o" with her lips and her the way she squeals, "Cu cO" you would totally teach your kid the same). I really needed to catch up on vacuuming and had some phone calls to make which would be so much easier in the silent absence of a toddler and yet I don't think my pillows ever felt so nice after my super strenuous run-jog-walk so there I laid pretending my home looked Martha Stewertesque, my laundry folded, my body showered, and my secretary was making my calls for me. At least I got my exercise in, right?


  1. I'm new to your blog, but as a fellow Cyster & mom of a toddler, I can TOTALLY relate to this one!!! Been there more times than I care to remember :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding other mommy Cysters. I am venturing over to your blog right now...