Wednesday, February 12, 2014

20 Months

Dear K, 
Even though you are still closer to 1 1/2 than 2, saying you are 20 months sounds so much closer to 2. You are currently mommy's little helper. 

Thing You LikeYou love to help take responsibility around the house (I am sure I will miss this when you are a teenager!) and do lots of chores with me. You are great at throwing things in the garbage (except the time you threw away a few unused Cayston vials), you love putting your laundry in your basket, washing windows, putting shoes away, unloading the dishwasher (you do silverware), cooking (pouring ingredients and stirring), and following directions. Sometimes I tell you to do things just to watch you follow directions because honestly it is amazing how well you understand everything.

You are finding your voice in your Spanish class, which I love. You are the youngest in a class full of boys many of which are loud and demanding of attention. Oh, but little Kay for the first time since starting classes 9 months ago you answer questions when the teacher asks, you tell the teacher which letter or color you want (always adding "peeees" aka please at the end of your request) and you sing right along with the songs. This class is teaching you language, but I think you are starting to realize that even smart curly haired little girls have a place in this man's world. 

Things You Dislike: You still get frustrated easily. We are working getting you to live a more zen life, but I think that may take some time ;)

What I Like About This Age: I feel like you and I are in such a groove, little girl. We just get each other right now and most of our days are peaceful and happy. Sure, there are those moments, but for this little month in time you are super easy to please, we are having a ton of fun and enjoying each day. I do know by now, that once things get too easy you throw something new my way to mix it up. So I will be waiting to see what this next month brings!

New Words: We still haven't gotten to cinco yet and still stuck saying, "caca"

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