Sunday, December 2, 2012

2nd Clinic Since Baby and "Dada"

I meant to post this Tuesday, but you know...

I left the clinic yesterday feeling a little beat up. I hate getting bad news. My lung function was down which wasn't surprising as I haven't been feeling that great. My doctor wants me to start Cayston again and call him in 2 weeks to give him an update. He is so hesitant to put me on any orals because of breastfeeding. I appreciate his concern for my daughter, but it seems a lot of CFers get orals while breastfeeding and do fine. I am hoping Cayston and a few extra treatments throughout the day does the trick, but I am not too confidant that it will work.

I expected my lung function would be lower, but had no idea my weight would be down too. I lost 6lbs in the last 3 months since my post pregnancy weight was a little higher. That is a LOT of weight to lose! I guess I got overly confident. I got through the pregnancy and the first few months eating when I was hungry and not worrying about calories. I think the combination of feeding a 17+ pound 5.5 month old and feeling under the weather didn't help in the weight arena. Apparently, I still have a healthy BMI, but I need to make sure that this weight loss isn't part of a continuous decline. I am actually more stressed out about my weight than my lung function because I am so emotionally attached to breastfeeding. I am not sure who needs it more, me or Kaylee. That night as I was nursing her to sleep (it puts us both to sleep) I was thinking that I would have no idea where to begin to wean her. We both find so much comfort, routine, and love with nursing. I have become as dependent on nursing as she has. As long as I don't lose any more weight my doctor is completely fine with me nursing as long as I want and so I am extremely determined to keep the weight on.

In other news, my husband joined me when I went to clinic to keep Kaylee entertained. The appointments are usually very long and boring. My husband spent the majority of the appointment letting Kaylee admire herself in the mirror and trying quietly trying to teach her to say dada. By the end of the appointment Kaylee eas whispering, "Dada" right back at hubby. That evening whenever she was playing she would whisper, Dada Dada Dada". It has been almost a week since she learned it and it only comes out as a whisper. It is amazing how they mimic every single detail.


  1. Hey IH! You need to add some more calories in the diet looks like. Load up on some butter ice cream or whatever it is that is not healthy but will add a couple calories. Try adding some peanut butter. I guess the problem is you might have to watch what you are eating for Kaylee though!! If you have a Chipolte around you stop there. That is sure to add a few extra hundred calories :)

    1. Yes I do! I LOVE ice cream and even though it is kinda cold here I may just have to get some... strictly for the calories of course :) And yes we have Chipotle so I may just have to pick some of that up as well.

  2. Wow so crazy to hear about your troubles with loosing too much weight! I have the exact opposite problem. I am pancreatic sufficient and have always stuggled with being over weight. I have actually gained weight while breast feeding! Grrrr. Right now I am doing a Biggest Looser thing with my mom's group and it's so hard while nursing and also being sick.
    As for no orals while nursing???? Really I'd be totally screwed if that was the case!! I've been on orals practically the whole pregnancy and quite a lot druing nursing. I just found out today that I have to go onto IV's and still my doctor said that although the medicine goes a tiny bit into the breast milk it leaves very quickly so to feed the baby before the medication and then do a bottle for the next feed for the drug to leave the milk. She recommended that instead of stopping nursing so just think how much the benefits of nursing outweigh everything else. As for the IV's it sucks of course. Unfortunately I am now growing a multi resistant e coli, steno and now my staph is becomming resistant. Hence the IV's.

    I can't believe Kaylee is saying dada! What a clever girl! The other night my little guy kept saying "boob" LOL

    1. Oh good luck with the biggest loser...I think gaining and losing are equally hard and no fun at all!

      I have no idea why my doctor is being SO conservative with the orals!!! I agree 100% with you that breastmilk far outweighs the teeny tiny amount of meds she might get through my milk. He would rather I do IVs since many of the IVs they use for CF can also be safely used in babies (in IV form) so he feels they would be really safe. I am the only Cyster I know whose doctor is anti orals and nursing..

      I love that your guy says, "boob"!! I am sure that would be fun in public :) hahah