Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fellow CF Mothers

When I first decided that maybe, just maybe I could be a mom some day I didn't know where to turn for support. I wanted to be a mom, but didn't know if I could be a mom. I didn't even want to bring it up to my CF doctor until I knew that it was even in the realm of possibilities. I decided to search the web to see if women with CF were in fact having children. I found two blogs. One was a woman who had lung function over 100%. The other was a very old blog that was no longer updated. I was relieved to know that at least two women out there were successful in having children, but I was discouraged because I felt no women with CF like me had children. Over the years I kept looking to blogs and forums to find a woman who could give me the inspiration I needed to allow myself to feel that maybe there was a chance I would be a mom someday.

When I was to a point in my life that I was ready to have children I still couldn't find any CF women that I could really relate to. After I already started ttc I finally found a sole blogger who had a somewhat similar CF experience as I did. Since then I have found other mothers through cfmothers who I can relate to. One of the problems when trying to find someone with a similar CF story as you, is that we are all so radically different. Different energy levels, lung stability, weight issues, diabetes, osteoporosis, bacteria cultures,  resistance to medication. We can often feel alone even when talking to other cysters.

I am soooo excited to start a series of guest bloggers who are as different from one another as cysters can be, but are all pregnant or mothering cysters!! Some of the cysters dealt with infertility, with diabetes, or infertility treatments. Some cysters have more than one baby and we even have a mom with twins! The first guest blogger will appear tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait for you to "meet" her.

**If you have CF and are pregnant, a mother, or even in the ttc journey and want to share your story I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you! If you have a blog I would be more than happy to link it to my site so you can get more bloggy traffic or you can opt out of blog linking. If you don't have a blog no problem! I really want women with CF to hear different success (or soon to be success) stories so that even if they can't relate to my story they may find a cyster they can relate to. If you are interested let me know by leaving a comment below or e-mail me InhalingHopeCF@gmail (dot) com. <---Of course put a . where I said (dot) just trying to avoid spammers. Any guest blogger will have 10 questions to pick and choose from you can share as much or as little as you want.

Check back tomorrow for my very first guest blogger!!!!


  1. I'd love to participate!

    I remember feeling many of the same things you mentioned in this post. It wasn't until I actually had Morgan and began connecting with the online CF community that I realized we cystic moms aren't as rare a breed as I'd always believed. I would have loved having more resources and support during my pregnancy. I absolutely love this idea of compiling different stories in one place!

    You can email me at: livingstonlife(at)hotmail(dot)com

    1. Yay! I was hoping you would want to participate. I will send the questions off to you in a day or two! And you are right, we are not all that rare, but it sure can feel like it sometimes.

  2. tracy.rose@healthline.comNovember 15, 2012 at 2:37 PM


    Healthline is interested in contributing a guest post to We would be open to contributing any blog that would be of interest to your readers. Healthline bloggers have been featured on a variety of sites including:

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    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Warm Regards,

  3. I would like to participate as well if you would like me to.

    1. I was just thinking I needed to e-mail you today and ask if you were interested! I would love to have you participate! I will e-mail you the questions in a day or two. I make the questions slightly different for each person so depending on how well Kaylee naps determines how quickly I can get the questions/e-mail done.