Thursday, May 3, 2018

One Week Of Symdeko

I received Symdeko 2 weeks ago, but when I received it I still had some Orkambi left. I was desperate to try Symdeko, but also felt guilty that I was going to waste Orkambi when so many people in the world still aren't able to get Orkambi (or any other meds to restore CFTR function). I also was having flashbacks to the time Acreedo messed up because they couldn't figure out how to bill my insurance (the same one they had been billing of rover a year) and I ended up missing several doses of Orkambi. I decided the responsible decision was to finish out my Orkambi which would allow me to have a few extra Symdeko tucked away in case I ran into a similar issue.

I am about to finish my first week of Symdeko and HOLY CRAP this drug is so much easier to take than Orkambi. You guys, I have continued to live my normal life for the past week! I can walk and jog and be a totally normal human being!! No gasping for air or aches or fevers, no elephant sitting on my chest! I am not terrified that I am digging myself into an early grave by taking this medicine the way I did with Orkambi. No MONTHS of torture before any reprieve. This is AMAZING!

I plan to give a one month update when I get there. I am noticing some things that make me believe that I am doing better on this medication than I was on Orkambi, but we all know how varied each day can be with CF and I want to have a better sense if these symptoms are flukes or actual signs of improvement before I write about them. Overall, I am very happy with Symdeko and I don't think I will miss Orkambi for even a second (although I am forever grateful I was given the opportunity to use orkambi for the past few years).

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  1. This is great news! Looking forward to the one month update! There are no medications available for my husband yet (he has a nonsense mutation), but I keep hoping we're getting closer!