Friday, April 20, 2018


The last time I updated I was in the middle of a 2 week (turned into 3 week) course of Zosyn. Without too many boring details I went in after 10 days of meds and my lung function only climbed a bit. I went from 26% in clinic (dipped to 22% in the hospital, BUT I hadn't had my bronchodilator and I have horrible asthma and basically can't breathe without it so I totally don't think that one counts) to 28% in the ten days. A 2% increase is absolutely crushing because it isn't clinical significant. I felt totally defeated and super frustrated that the hospital and IVs were all a waste. We agreed to give it 14 days and I also added Bactrum since some of my bugs were sensitive to it. Around day 13 I actually started to feel better and called to extend my IVs to 21 days.

I just went into clinic today (28 days after starting IVs and a full week off of IVs) and my PFTs were 36% which is basically my baseline. Whew! I am so relieved to have improved so much. It just proves to me that my body really does need longer doses of IVs.

Getting back to baseline came at a perfect time because I am getting Symdeko tomorrow!! I wasn't overly optimistic I would have the opportunity to try Symdeko because it is more expensive that orkambi and I didn't have confidence my insurance would approve it. Somehow my insurance did approve it and I am starting soon! I am so curious to see if I feel any different between Orkambi and Symdeko.

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