Friday, January 26, 2018


The first time I was completely blindsided by a bad breakup was in 2010. A few weeks before my planned wedding I got a phone call that I never expected to receive. I was told that my dependable and completely reliable enzymes (Creon) were being removed from the market, never to be used again. This breakup came without warning and I was quickly forced to say goodbye to Creon and hello to Zenpep.

Eventually, I settled in with my new enzymes and soon realized that the new enzymes were an improvement from the old brand. For the past 7 years all has been well.

And then it happened again!

I called to refill my enzymes earlier this week only to hear the pharmacist explain the formulation to Zenpep has changed! What?! Noooo! Seriously, why do they mess with enzymes? I received my new Zenpep today. The Protease was reduced by 5,000 UPS units and Amylase was reduced by 25,000 UPS units! I have no idea what that means for my digestive system, but it isn't really a fun thing to experiment with.  I am hoping this current break up will ultimately be for the better and if not, I hope I find a rebound enzyme soon.

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