Saturday, January 6, 2018

Late Resolutions

There are two things I can always count on when January rolls around. My insurance will suddenly have trouble filling some (or all) of my medicine. And the other is that my gym will suddenly get crowded.

My morning workouts in the winter are ideal. Most of the summer swimmers abandon the pool when the temperatures drop and it is not uncommon for me to have the entire pool to myself. When I am done I have the showers to myself, the changing room to myself and at times it feels like the gym is reserved only for me! Pretty amazing, right?

Everything changes once the new year rolls around and the gym fills with people hoping to fulfill their new years resolutions. The day after New Years (Tuesday) I was bracing myself as I walked into the gym.  I was crossing my fingers there would be a lane open in the pool and a shower available when I was done. The strangest thing happened though, the gym was just as quiet as always. In fact, the rest of the week remained extremely quiet. It was bizarre, but I wasn't complaining because I never had to worry if I would get a lap lane or not.

And then, randomly. on Friday all the people I expected to see right after New Years showed up. The gym was suddenly bustling and every single pool lane filled. It was a complete turn around from the day before. I guess everyone's New Years resolutions started just a little late this year.

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