Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Motherhood, Yoga, and Transplant

When I stared my blog six years ago I was hoping to meet and connect with other women who wanted to experience parenthood. At the time I didn't know any other CF women that had children and was hoping to make a community for women who wanted to become mothers (whether through conceiving, adopting, surrogacy, or even step parenting). As the years went by I met so many amazingly strong cysters who found their way to motherhood and each story is unique and beautiful. The CF community is such an inspiring and absolutely heartbreaking community to be a part of.

Once in a while someone's story touches you in such a way that it brings tears to your eyes and fills you with a type of understanding that can't be found outside of the CF community. I recently learned the story of Selwa Mitchell through her video made by fotolanthropy. Her story is raw and real and highlights the horrors of CF while also serving as a beacon of hope for those who are in the depths of end stage lung disease. Selwa is a mother of two who has experienced CF at it's harshest, but found refuge in yoga and was eventually given a second chance through a lung transplant.

Please take a moment and check out this beautiful video (you may need a tissue...)

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