Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dog Days Of Summer

Summer is the absolute best time of the year. Long days, a garden bursting with life, and hot afternoons spent splashing in water is pretty much my idea of happiness! Last summer I was tethered to IVs, a week long case of the hives, and then had a minor non-CF related surgery and I felt like my summer slipped by before I could fully enjoy it! I feel hesitant to even write this next line lest I jinx myself, but this summer I have felt really well and I am taking full advantage of enjoying every minute! In all the excitement of summer I wanted to update a few milestones my daughter hit this summer.

My parents live two towns over and we spend most Sunday afternoons in their pool. Kaylee, always a cautious child, has had no desire to swim without her puddle jumper and insists that she will never go under water- ever! She may be telling the truth about never going under water. Back in my high school days I was a swim teacher and I have reserved a few afternoons these past weeks teaching Kaylee to swim, but she has always insisted that I never ever let go of her. I knew she would eventually find her courage and always respected her desire to feel safe in my arms.

Last Sunday, out of the blue she insisted she was ready to try swimming solo and told me she would push off the step and swim to me. When this kid puts her mind to something she really gets determined. Needless to say, she was successful! Even though she didn't get very far distance wise, she was able to swim independently for a short distance. Of course, I am proud of her for learning to swim, but I am more proud of her confidence in herself and overcoming her fear. After she was successful the first time she wanted to keep practicing over and over. She must have pushed off that step and swam to my arms four dozen times. It was very reminiscent of when Kaylee learned to walk. One day she held my hands and refused to do anything, but practice walking until she mastered it. She can be one determines little kid.

The other milestone she hit was a little less huge as far as milestones, but it is a quintessential childhood summer right of passage. Kaylee officially learned to skip rocks on water. She has been trying all summer, but the rocks always plunk down heavily straight to the bottom of the lake/river. Yesterday we spend the entire day at one of our favorite lakes and she finally mastered the technique to make rocks skip across the water.

We only have 6 weeks left until Kaylee officially starts school and I am trying to squeeze in as much fun and as much quality time with Kaylee as we can! I hope you are all enjoying a summer of good health and fun memories in the sun as well!

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