Saturday, June 10, 2017

Preschool Graduation

Thursday June 1st was Kaylee's last day of preschool. I have so many mixed feeling about this very short chapter in her life ending. She loved preschool and made a lot of growth which was fun to watch as her parent. She made her first self chosen best friend (who also happened to be the teacher's daughter). She was at a play based school and spent almost 90% of her free choice time in the art room being creative, which was exactly what I wanted for her- the freedom to follow her passion. Throughout the year we watched her become more independent and social and she loved her school experience. I know she is going to miss preschool a lot!

Kaylee was at a parent participation preschool and I was also the class parent which meant I was there a lot! I made so many friends and felt that so many people at the school became like family. Not only did I befriend other parents, I watched all the kids grow over the span of the year and I can tell you all of their favorite colors, which snacks they liked, their favorite preschool activity, and all about their siblings and pets. I bonded with so many of the kids and I will miss them a lot! Although I will admit those 2.5 hour preschool volunteer days (twice a month) sure did wear me out! My mind and soul will miss my volunteer days, but my body may be a little excited for a break! Oh, and getting away fro preschool germs sounds rather nice, this winter (post-Christmas) was a doozy for sickness!

However, there is a part of me that is excited to have my baby to myself again! Summer means more time to be with my girl before she has to go to kindergarten five days a week (sob!). It also means more time for swimming, gardening together, and trying local museums and playdates.

These little ones grow up so very fast and I know that before long I will be writing a post about her first day of kindergarten and this last summer together before "real" school will be a distant memory. I am excited I am here to witness it all and can't wait to see what next year brings for us.

*Since I forgot to update, we finally got called by our first choice school and we got in! Whew, that was a stressful process, but we are guaranteed a spot every year now until she graduates from elementary school.

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