Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Hospital Made Me Lazy

Unlike many people, those with CF do not have the luxury of calling into work and sleeping off an illness. Our illness can't be cured with a few days in bed and extra rest. For me, sickness seems to linger for at least a few weeks until antibiotics kick in and even then I still have another week or two of clearing out extra mucus, recovering from side effects and regaining my regular energy levels. If I were to sleep off my sickness I wouldn't leave my bed for a month! Not to mention all that inactivity would mean my mucus would pool at the bottom of my lungs making it virtually impossible to clear out. So like most people with CF, I do what I can to power through. We can't ignore dishes, and laundry, and cooking meals for a month and so through fevers and violent coughing we find a way to keep life from falling apart.

That is unless we are in the hospital.

Hospital stays, as horrendous as they can be, mean no laundry or cooking or much of anything outside of treatments and interrupted sleep. And somehow as much as I despise the hospital when I start to get sick I crave the lazy days the hospital provides. Let's be real, when sickness finds its way into my home all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch TV while someone brings me food and water on demand, doesn't everyone? And if it isn't already obvious I just want to say, I have no desire to be in the hospital (ever), I just want the lazy perks that come with a hospital stay. I guess I want my cake and I want to eat it too! Sure, most people don't want to do chores while sick, but going to the hospital more often these past few years has started to train my mind that sickness = laying in bed all day reading and watching TV.

Unfortunately, my four year old can't cook and I despise the hospital so I guess for now I need to learn to be productive through sickness and push those lazy desires aside.

*I am currently not sick, but we just got through our first school year colds. The cold made me realize how much I now crave being lazy while sick compared to the past*


  1. I wish we were next door neighbors and I could help you *lazy* some when you are sick!