Monday, October 24, 2016

Cool Days and Morning Laps

"I am just a head!" my daughter can be heard shouting, her entire torso and limbs submerged, when the bath has turned lukewarm and the chilly air in the bathroom is too cold for comfort. This is my cue to grab the towel off the towel rack, hover it just inches from the bathwater and wrap her the second she emerges from the chilly bath. She is then whisked into the living room where I wrap her in a blanket so she can warm up. Oddly, this routine is the same whether it is the dead of winter or a scorching 100 degree day.

Lately, when I finish my morning laps, I feel like shouting, "I am just a head" because I too find the idea of letting even an inch of my wet body be exposed to the morning air chill inducing. The warmth from heated pool can feel like a safe cocoon from the cold morning air. I find myself in a daily battle between pulling my body from the warm water to briskly walk the 20 ft to the changing room and doing just a few more laps just to stay warm for a few moments longer. And for those lazy days? I fight with myself trying to convince myself to stop huddling in the corner of the pool staring at the clock wondering how late I can push my shower.

How many more months until spring?


  1. I'm with you - longing for Spring already!

    Odd note - @age 54, I'm still getting my period, but menopause is out there, somewhere on the distant horizon. My whole life, I've been a ridiculous Chilly Willy - until the last month or two. Is it hot in here or is it ME?? Actually, I don't mind. Being cold all the time was a pain - now I'm dressing in layers & making sure I keep some t-shirts handy even over the coming winter months. I'm my own hot H20 bottle. SO hawt! :o)

    1. 54? Do you have CF and if so do you have your original lungs? Isn't it funny how small changes can have such a drastic effect on our bodies?