Monday, August 15, 2016

Goodbye Spots, Hello Fevers

*warning: TMI info about sinus issues below*

After 8 days my hives officially disappeared! In true CF fashion I guess I picked up a virus because I started getting tons of sinus drainage, a very congested wet cough, and the feeling of drowning came back.  The constant Benadryl may have had something to with the sinus issues because it can dry out secretions. I had almost constant hard sinus crud " draining" (more like tumbling in slow motion and frequently getting stuck) down the back of my sinuses. It was bad! The kind you can feel wedged in your sinus and can smell the bacteria before it dislodged (tmi, I know).

And then the fevers started. I already had meds at home that I was supposed to start right after IVs because Zosyn didn't work. However, I had to wait for my allergic reaction to Zosyn to wear off before starting new meds. I am so relieved that the hives are finally gone so that I can start taking my new med combo. I am so hoping that these meds work because we are approaching two months of dealing with this exacerbation that just doesn't want to leave. I feel like I lost the bulk if my summer to being sick or trying to recover. Our family loves summer because we love hiking and going to local lakes and rivers, but this year my health has kept us home and I can feel summer already slipping into fall. Mainly, I am just ready to have a clinic appointment that actually goes well (or at least decent) especially as we approach the winter season.

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