Friday, December 19, 2014

Two and a Half

Dear Takey,
You are hurling towards three and I am just trying to keep up with how fast you are growing! You spend your days trying to be  as independent of me as possible only to run back in my arms and snuggle close asking me to carry you "like a tiny baby". You are discovering who you are and who you want to be testing your wings (and at times testing me!)

A trait you have had since you learned to talk was bossiness! You also are a rule follower and you like to enforce those rules (hence the bossiness). On playdates you are quick to tell your friends what isn't acceptable, "No climbing on the table!" You shout to squirrels or cats that may wander in the road ensuring they understand the rule is, "You have to hold hands when crossing the street!" You also are wildly bossy (in a loving way) to your cousin. Recently, at my parents the two of you went outside and when your cousin ran to the (locked) pool gate you ran after him.
"Stop! Stop! Look me in my eyes. Do NOT go in the pool!!" Needless to say we are working on respectfully telling others the rules.

Your imagination is bigger than life! You pass in and out of pretend and reality that i often confuse which is which. Like when you shouted there was a black widow in your cup. I ran with the speed only a worried mother (with crap lungs) could run only to watch you coo into your cup at the imaginary black widow mommy and baby pair. There was also the time just after you turned two (before i realized how much time you would spend in an imaginary world) that you shouted to me that it was too dark to see. We were in the sun filled living room and I had slight concern for your eyesight. When I inquired you explained, "I pushed this green button on the wall and now it is dark!" and then just to be sure I understood you assured me, "Mama, it's just pretend".

You are wildly independent and refuse help when going to the bathroom. You use a chair to turn on the light, hoist yourself on the adult toilet, you flush and even turn off the light yourself. Other times you ask me to cuddle on the couch and pretend you are a tiny baby. It this dance of running from me to be independent only to run back for reassurance. It is wonderful watching you grow and change, but I am glad my arms are still your favorite place to be.


  1. I can't believe she is so big! What a beautiful post. Kate is obsessed with being held like a baby right now too. I always thought that was just something that came of your parents having another kid, but I guess not!

    1. Maybe it has more with the need of reassurance as they find their independence? But I agree I always thought it came hand in hand with a new sibling. Maybe it just so happens new siblings come along around this age bracket? I won't complain though because I know one day very soon she will no longer want me to rock her like a baby and I will long to rock my little baby again.

  2. Happy to hear from you! Hoping you enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family.