Thursday, December 12, 2013

18 Months

Dear KK,
You are one and a half today! I can't believe how much my life is continuously changing with you! My favorite part about this age is that a few days after turning 17 months you started saying, "I love you!" I never thought my heart could grow bigger for you, but it did!
You also potty trained a few days after turning 17 months as well, but I still don't know how to navigate out of the house adventure without diapers and you are not night time potty trained so you still get to wear diapers.

Things You Like: Oh, little one you love life so much, but more than anything you love your Papa and baby cousin who you call Roo. I think Sunday is your favorite day of the week because you get to see your two favorite people! You also love playing pretend, doing anything art related, and helping me bake.

Things You Dislike: You are able to talk a lot, but you also know words that we aren't sure of the meaning. You get really frustrated trying to tell me things that i can't understand. You will come up to me and say something like, "Mama, laloo." While I am racking my brain wondering what the heck that means you keep repeating it over and over, louder and louder. It can get frustrating for both of us!

What I Like About This Age: Our days are full of coversations. Yes, they are simple, but it is so fun to hear what is on your mind. Some of our conversations are as follows.

K: Mama, agua!
M: Yes, this is mama's aqua.
K: KK agua!
M: You're right that is Kaylee's aqua.

K: Dada lights on
M: Yes, dada put the Christmas lights up and turned them on.
K: Yesh, dada lights on!

K: (chanting) KK, baby Rooooo, KK, baby ROOO

New Words: I can't keep track anymore as you seriously must know 30 or more. 

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