Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Very Last PICC

Last month I had what I believe will be my very last PICC ever (portacath here I come!). And like all my PICCs this one went in with a fight. This time, I did not have a resident place the PICC and the radiologist did not tell me that I should not be nervous because it makes her nervous. In fact, the radiologist was one of the nicest medical workers I have ever come across. The PICC placement however, was not so nice.

I went directly to radiology to have my PICC placed because the PICC nurses won't touch my arms anymore. After waiting an obscene amount of time, even for a hospital, I was finally brought back for placement. All seemed normal, I was prepped, the lidocain was injected and I felt the usual pressure and the distinctive, "Pop!" sound of the catheter pushing its way through my skin. And then another shot of lidocain which meant the first location didn't take. Rinse, repeat and repeat and repeat...

It felt as if time was dragging on forever, I lost track of the "Pops" and the radiologist was apologetic and so kind for having to poke me so much. I was having vasospasms which is when your veins clamp down because they are stressed out. I figure my body, being poked over and over, assumed I was being attacked and decided to clamp down to prevent blood loss. The problem is I was not being attacked by a bear or killer shark and I was not at risk of losing too much blood, I desperately wanted my veins open so the blood would flow and the wire could find its way to that magic spot above my heart. But my body, confused and misguided buckled down and demanded a fight.

The radiologist noticed that even with lidocain my veins would spasm so she decided to try the last one without lidocain. Luckily, I was partially numb and so over laying on that table I didn't care. Thank goodness the wire went through and we all cheered. At that moment I decided that I would never get a PICC again if I could help it and that I would call my Dr the very next day to schedule a port placement once I was done with IVs.

Too bad my crazy PICC story didn't end there...

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