Monday, September 3, 2012

First Clinic After Baby

Last Monday I went to the CF clinic and boy was I nervous! I really was unsure as to how my PFTs were holding up because I only had Kaylee two months prior and I had just started exercising again two weeks prior. I was also nervous because when I was pregnant my bladder control was less than ideal and PFTs were kind of an issue.  Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly of my clinic visit:

The great news is that although when I get a coughing fit my bladder is weaker than I would like (that wasn't the great news ye), I had no problems doing my PFTs which was a huge relief!

The good news is that even though I lost my baby weight pretty fast and by my 6 week appointment I was just 1lb over my prepregnancy weight of 125lbs I am now 128.9lbs. Obviousness, I have been eating like a pig and despite having CF and breastfeeding I am almost 4lbs heavier than usual!

The not so good news is that my lung function is down 3% from my prepregnancy baseline which isn't horrible, but I sure miss my high (for me) lung function that pregnancy brought. The doc said that if I continue to workout it should increase, but if I have any indication that I am developing an infection I need to call and get antibiotics. Unfortunately, there really aren't any safe orals so it would be straight to IVs.

The awful news is that I reordered more hypertonic saline which is really a lifesaver when it comes to my CF and makes a huge difference in keeping my lungs clean. The pharmacy ran out (!!!!) so they weren't able to get it for me on Friday and now it is a holiday weekend so I can't get it until Tuesday!!! Ugh, I have been coughing insane amounts this weekend!

It was really fun introducing Kaylee to the clinic staff. My dad came along to help with her since the clinic appointments are long and I would be a little too busy to tend to her if she was fussy. She was awesome and took a nap for most of the clinic visit and after she woke up she gave a few smiles to the staff. It was super cute having her there, but once she becomes mobile I can see clinic visits becoming a little crazy!


  1. I'm glad to hear that your clinic appt. went well! Sounds like the pregnancy did not really impact your CF which is awesome news! It's interesting how you would have to have IV's instead of oral antis. I assume this is for the breastfeeding? Are IV meds really safer than the orals?

    Ever since I started using HTS two months ago I couldn't imagine a day without it. I LOVE my HTS!!

    Thanks for the update and be sure to take care of yourself!!

    1. Yeah, I was pretty miserable without HTS. It is one of my "favorite" meds. Yes, the IVs are due to breastfeeding.

  2. Hmm would you have to go on to IV's because you have a certain type of bacteria? I've been on orals all through my pregnancy and nursing.
    Glad all the rest went good.
    I was supposed to have my first clinic on thursday but had to cancel since it was just way too hectic with my duaghter starting school and the clinic is a 2.5 hr drive away!

    1. Wow, that is a long clinic drive. As far as IVs, I was told that Cipro, Bactrim, Levaquin are all unsafe. I culture Psuedo and Staph which I think are pretty common for CFers. I would love to take orals over IVs so if you have any that you have taken while bf please let me know!!