Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Day in the Life- Coronavirus

I have done a few "Day in the Life" posts over the years and I figured that this crazy time in life might be a good time to do another one.

I am the first one out of bed in the mornings. Sometimes Kaylee is awake in bed reading, but she likes lazy mornings so she usually lounges in until late. Thanks to Trikafta(!!!) I don't need to beeline to my nebulizer. Instead I go to the kitchen and brew some coffee. I then sit in the garden and catch up on the news. I have never been much of a news person, but there is so much going on in life right now I spend a few minutes each mornings scrolling though the news online.

Kaylee is usually out of bed at this time. We make breakfast and she does a bit of school (we are doing a  bit over the summer because the school years was so insane given that the schools shut down before everything was in place for online learning. If she isn't doing school she is usually lounging and reading. We also slowly get dressed, make beds and have a lazy morning getting ready for the day. 

9:00 I do my treatments an hour and a half after waking up. Can you believe it!?!? I feel 100% fine all morning and never feel like I NEED to do treatments, but I still do them without fail. 

I start tutoring online. I haven't updated in a while, but I actually did start my tutoring business and then had to transition to online tutoring as coronavirus started to spread. I do intervention for dyslexia and I absolutely love it! It used my teaching background, I get one on one time with students and I absolutely love my job! Depending on the day of the week I work between 1-4 hours on any given day.

On my longest days I am off work at this time and can rejoin my family for the rest of the day. We try to spend time in the hammocks or the garden and when the weather was nice we would do walks and bike rides. It has gotten a lot hotter and some days we end up staying in until evening. We have started doing yoga as a family. I have also been using resistance bands. My exercise routine got sidetracked by coronavirus and the heat.

My husband and I cook dinner every night and Kaylee helps sometimes. My husband and I both love cooking and we have had so much fun trying new recipes. It reminds me of life before kids when we would drink a cocktail and cook together in the evenings. 

The weather has usually cooled down by this time and we go to the garden to weed, pick produce, run around a bit (Kaylee) and deal with any garden pests. 

We spend the last 30 minutes of the day doing movie night. We watch part of a movie and eat popsicles before getting ready for bed.

Kaylee gets ready for bed and I do my evening treatments. I then lay in bed and read to her. When Coronavirus started I wanted to spend some time reading classic stories to her. We started with The Secret Garden and then moved on to the Little House on The Prairie series. We are currently on the third book. I don't think I ever read LHOTP as a child, but I adored the show. Reading the series I am kinda shocked at how horrible Native Americans are portrayed in the book. Yikes! There are lots of teaching moments in that series. 

After I read, Kaylee gets 10 minutes to read her own book before lights out. My husband and I either watch TV or sit and talk until 11:30 when I go to bed. 

Our lives aren't overly exciting at the moment, but it is such a crazy time in history I wanted to give a sample of daily life that I can look back on when all of this has faded into memories.


  1. I am a post liver transplant patient. I had Cryptococcus that nearly killed me. I am in hiding now from Covid...have been since March. I used to have a blog here but moved on to Instagram. If you're can find me @terrilynnega

    best wishes!

  2. Hi Terri!
    Thanks for stopping by. Wow, you have been through a lot! I hope your doing well after your liver transplant. Although I know post transplant life has its own set of difficulties.

    I actually don't have any social media accounts outside of this blog. I would love the link to your old blog is you are willing to share it though!