Friday, March 30, 2018

Bad Clinic Appointment and ICU

My CF likes to keep me on my toes and for no obvious reason my last clinic visit (one week ago) was an utter disaster. Weight was down (just a bit) and my lung function tanked. I had been very short of breath, but I didn't feel sick. I could manage my day to day life and although I was a bit more tired and very breathless I really didn't feel like I had a major exacerbation. And yet my lung function was a pitiful 26%. Yeah, pitiful! A few clinics ago I was on top of the world at 38% so to drop so significantly without having an obvious infection or any kind of virus was pretty shocking. Needless to say, I wasn't going to mess around and I agreed to IVs and a quick stay in ICU for desensitization.

Just like my last desensitization after several days (3 to be exact) of waiting for a bed to open up I was admitted in the evening, but there were no plans to start the process until the next day when the allergists would be in. After a lot of frustrating issues with meds (I really hate being on any floor that isn't a designated CF floor) and a very late start to treatments I was told I was being moved to isolation. When I inquired about isolation I was told something about a potential issue with  a nontuberculosis mycobacterium. Not the news I wanted to hear!! NTM is one of those bugs (like MRSA) that I just never wanted to deal with. (Later I looked up my new cultures which included 4 new bugs, but none of them seemed to be a NTM. I did have a few that were labeled "concern of infection control" so maybe that was the issue. I am still not completely clear except that when my doctor found out I was in isolation he was kinda upset and said it was absurd that they have to put me in a negative pressure room due to any of my bugs).

The next day I had my desensitization in my isolation room and by the time I completed the process (which was basically the same as last time) I was released from isolation and was told I would be moved once again as soon as a bed on the CF floor opened up. After more issues with meds including the nurses losing my Orkambi and the nurses refusing to give me more enzymes because I had my prescribed "3 times a day" dose of enzymes already I was finally moved to the CF floor. As I was being wheeled into my regular floor I felt so much relief to be around people that actually understood CF.

By Saturday afternoon I was released to finish my course of IVs at home. I was relieved to be out of the hospital and back in my own environment, but of course as luck would have it, the drama was just about to begin!


  1. What!?! You're leaving us hanging... what ensuing drama happened? Happy Easter too.

  2. Sorry!!! I updated now :) I hope you had a wonderful Easter.