Friday, November 17, 2017

Time Is Flying By

This happens every single year and yet it still surprises me! The second Halloween comes the rest of the year seems to be a blur. Life just flies by after Halloween night. How are we already to Thanksgiving break? I wanted to do a quick life update because things are going by too quickly for me to document.

So many things are changing in our home. Kaylee's last day of soccer is tomorrow. I remember the day I signed her up in April I looked at the end date, November, and it felt so very far away. And her last day is tomorrow! The whole season went so fast! I loved watching Kaylee play soccer and enjoyed going to all her practices and games up until about a week ago. The weather has turned wet and cold and now I am ready to not stand in the wet cold grass at 9am on a Saturday. However, I am excited to watch her again when the weather is nice next summer.

I started a girl scout troop with a neighbor a few months ago. I am having so much fun in my low pressure 4 hour a month "teaching" job. It has reminded me how much I love working with kids and with only 7 kids total it is a dream job. Except the non-existent pay...that part isn't so dream like. I absolutely love having some quality time with Kaylee and other girls her age. I love the female empowerment, I love fostering their creativity, I love watching the girls work together, and I love this age.

I have also been helping in Kaylee's classroom every Tuesday and it has been so fun to watch how much the kids have changed. It has been amazing to watch Kaylee's progress and to be an active part of her schooling. I love seeing her in class and interacting with her friends. I also love sneaking peeks at her work and witnessing the growth in what she knows and understands. I think learning to read and write is just as exciting as when  kids learn to talk the first time. It opens up their world so very much!

I am excited to enjoy Kaylee's first true school vacation and nine consecutive days that I get her all to myself (and my husband).

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