Saturday, April 9, 2016

Three and three quarters

I am a little late on this update, but you have hit two huge milestones (?) since you were three and a half and thought it would be appropriate to have it in writing somewhere.

You officially have your first real crush. You have been going to story time at our local library for years, but about a year ago the story time teacher left and a new young male, Mr. Nate, took her place. For about a year you would participate in class, but whenever Mr Nate came your way you would clam up and refuse to look at him directly. This was especially true during arts and crafts immediately following story time. You would flat out ignore his presence if he came over to look at your art or try to make any conversation with you. You still wanted to attend every week so I brushed off your behavior as being shy.

The past few months however, you seem to have grown more than a little fond of Mr. Nate. When we visit the library for any reason you demand on knowing his where abouts. A few weeks ago we went to "art hour" at the library where Mr. Nate often helps out and you spent most of the hour keeping tabs on your beloved, "Mr. Nate is going in the back room, Mr. Nate is talking to that boy, WHERE is Mr Nate??" This was a turning point and after this day you started actually acknowledging Mr Nate to his face. Eventually you built up to initiating conversation and will even give him a high five.

You recently decided you wanted mommy and daddy to go out of town so Mr. Nate could babysit and you were confident that after spending the day with you he would love you too much and would have to move in. The love affair has grown and the other night when I went to kiss you goodnight you were pretending to sleep. With your eyes sealed shut you whispered, "Shh, I am with Mr Nate." You may be delusional when it comes to love, but at least you think of yourself as a great catch!

The other huge milestone was one mommy wasn't totally ready for. Last week you went to your parent and child Spanish class (after taking several months off) and during class you were sitting still, watching the teacher, answering all her questions in clear Spanish. It was clear all the content she was covering you already understood and that colors, numbers, and the alphabet in Spanish was just too easy for you. It wasn't just that the content was easy, but you seemed like a real student rather than a little kid in a toddler class. You were just so much older than you were just a few months ago. At the end of class your teacher said she thought you were ready to join the 4-6 year old class. The big difference between the 4-6 class was that you would be attending alone, as in without me! I agreed with the teacher and said it was up to you. I explained that you would be in class with other kids and that I would be waiting outside for you. Your teacher even said you could try the 4-6 year old class that day (as in 15 minutes from when she told me about the level change). You were so excited you could hardly stand it and eagerly agreed.

I was excited and proud and felt like I wanted to cry all at once. This was your first time at "school" and I was not completely mentally prepared (you are starting preschool in the fall) for this major step. Sure, we had been apart from one another. You have had many sleepovers with your grandparents and my last hospital stay was 8 days. This hour and a half was nothing in comparison. However, it still felt monumental in your growth and development. You were so ready to take this next step in a school setting and I was overwhelmingly proud of your confidence in yourself. I was also feeling a slight loss of the baby that used to need me so much while navigating through this world. Needless to say, you absolutely loved class and you ask daily if it is the day you go to Spanish class.

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