Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring In My Garden

Spring has arrived in the part of this world I call home. The first sign of spring arrived several weeks ago. Yes, there were buds bursting from the silence of winter, flowers unfolding in the warmth of the sun, but the first sign of spring for me is the feeling of my lungs clamping down and the chronic wheeze that comes buzzing from these clunky old lungs. Spring allergy induced asthma has always been much more predictable than any weather man I have ever encountered. And despite spring being the absolute hardest season for me to breath in I still hold a special place for spring in my heart. There is no other time of year that I feel so much hope and anticipation for what is ahead. Let me show you what I mean:


Strawberry flower

Echinacea just starting to open
Yellow Plum Tree

Ornamental Plum Tree
So much hope and promise is held in these few short months. As I walk around my garden I can't help, but feel overwhelmed at the potential of the things to come. Even when my breaths are frustratingly loud and feel as if my lungs are hardly inflating with each breath I take, I still can't help, but feel excited for tomorrow.

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