Friday, February 26, 2016

Toddler Talk Part 9

Things Kaylee has said recently that I find amusing:

While kissing Kaylee goodnight
K: "Mommy, am I your son?"
Me: "No, you're my daughter because you are a girl. If you were a boy like your cousin, you would be my son"
K: "But I am your son sometimes! I am your daughter and sometimes your son."
I was not following her logic, but was tired, "Okay, you can be both."
K: "Remember, you call me your sunshine sometimes so I am your son too."

After seeing her dinner plate Kaylee said disappointedly, "That was not the rice I was respecting (expecting)"

A few days before her cousin was born.
K: "What do you think my baby cousin is going to look like?"
Me: "Hmm, I am not sure. Maybe he will look like his big brother."
Kay: After a few minutes of silence, "Well, I think the baby will be smaller than his brother."

Squirrels love to dig in our newly seeded beds to hide their acorns so I often have to cover the seedlings with bird netting. Kay was watching this process and proclaims, "MOM! I have an idea so we don't need to use netting anymore. We can just post a sign on the fence that says, No Squirrels Allowed In The Garden Please."

Funny words she still says just because I never want to forget:

Children - childlen
Mother- mudder
Scrambled eggs - scrumbled eggs

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