Thursday, January 14, 2016

Toddler Talk Part 8

Me: "Can boys do anything that girls can't do?
K: "Pee with a penis."

We live in a bilingual home where my husband speaks only Spanish and I speak only English to Kaylee. Sometimes having different languages directed towards different people can create some funny or confusing moments.

K: Are you going to your friend's house daddy?
Husband (In Spanish): Mande? (what?)
K: Oh, you are going there on Monday.

My husband I were simultaneously tickling K
K: Mas, Daddy! More Mommy! Mas, Daddy!

I watch my nephew (R)  two days a week and the things a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old say to one another keeps me laughing all day long.

Kaylee and a little girl chatting at the park
K pointing to R: "That is my boy. His name is R and he is my cousin."
Girl: "He isn't your brother?"
K: "Well, not usually."

K looks up to see R with both hands swirling her kiwi slices in her snack bowl
K: "Those are mine."
R: "What?"
K: "The kiwi. That bowl is mine."
R: "Oh! I just dancing them."
K: "Oh, okay."

The kids watched the garbage truck and after it drove by..
K: "I want to see him again"
Me: "He already did our garbage now he is going to another neighborhood. We can see him next week."
Neither kid budged from their spot.
Me: "Let's go in."
R: "He come back. We need be patient"

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