Saturday, December 12, 2015

3 and a half

Dear Kay,

You are 3 1/2 today! It feels very strange saying that because after you accepted the fact that your birthday meant you were no longer two (which you resisted for a few weeks) you decided to skip year 3 and go right to 4. I assumed it was a phase, but here we are 5.5 months later I still have to tell people you are June...or else face the wrath of a child who has been called the "wrong" age. It feels like I am going back in time saying you are only 3 1/2.

Your age is not the only little fib you tell (and believe with your whole heart) these days, you also are convinced that you are fluent in French (on top of English and Spanish). Now, to be fair you know more French than I do, but counting to ten and saying a few catch phrases hardly counts as fluent. The other day I overheard you telling your 2.5 year old cousin (who has never said a word of French in his life), "J, I haven't heard you speak French in a while can you say, bon bon?"

Speaking of language, your understanding of Spanish had exploded these last 6 months. Unfortunately, I can't take any credit for this development. Your father speaks to you only in Spanish. Actually he does it so well that the other day when he slipped and said something to you in English you shouted, "But dad, you don't know English!" I guess you never noticed that your dad and I only speak English to one another.

My favorite part of the day is when you first wake up. You shout from your bed every morning between 7 and 7:30, "Is it morning?" When I shout that it is in fact morning, you crawl into our bed to snuggle before we start our day. You have always been a snuggler and that has not changed. You love showing affection and I call you my little romantic because you come up with the most sappy lines to show your affection and I love it!

Like all kids you age you have an active imagination and love to tell stories. You like to talk about when you were a grown up and I was little you took care of me. You also love to talk about made up memories from when you were a "tiny baby". The other day you told your Nana that you had a pet squirrel when you were younger and you went into great detail about this supposed pet from what it ate to where it slept. You also apparently had a run in with an alligator when you were a baby which doesn't say much for my parenting skills.

I am always saying every age is my favorite, but I absolutely love the relationship you and I have developed and continue to develop as you get older. You feel like my partner in crime and I feel thankful every single day that I was lucky enough to be your mom.



  1. This is so sweet, great post! I love reading all the cute kid comments. They make me laugh because Lucas is so close in age to K :). He also talks to me about when I was a baby and he was big and took care of me! I think it's the sweetest thing!

    1. I feel the same way about your posts about Lucas. I also love his passion for orange because Kaylee feels the same way about green. They are such a cute age.