Sunday, September 13, 2015

Forgetting Enzymes

CFers take enzymes every time food passes our lips. It is so engrained in our daily routine that we often take them without much thought. It is so routine that there are times we may wonder, "wait, did I take my enzymes already?" It happens to me more often now that I have a little one that distracts me during meal time, but let's be real, it happened often enough before kids. Recently, my dad found the perfect solution to this annoying problem at the local pharmacy.


His great find is a lid that goes on regular prescription bottles (the translucent orange kind) and keeps track of how much time has passed since the bottle was opened. So let's say you ate breakfast at 7am and you sit down for a snack at 10am, but you can't remember if you already took your enzymes. You can take a peak at the lid and if the bottle says 3 hours have passed since you opened it you know you better get swallowing. And if it says 1 minute, you are good (as long as you didn't accidentally place your napkin on top of your pile of enzymes by accident not that I have ever done this ehem).

The downside is they don't fit on the plastic Zenpep bottles, but if you have CF you probably have a few extra orange bottles on hand (or will once your next shipment of prescriptions arrives) that you can use. These were clearly from Rite Aid, but I assume most major pharmacies have the exact same product. Hopefully this will answer the age old CF question of, "Wait, did anyone see me take my enzymes?"

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