Sunday, May 31, 2015


Spring has arrived gently this year. The heat of May never showed its face and we have been soaking up the cool days and even cooler nights. This spring weather in combination with my behaving lungs has brought a constant flurry of activities. It has been a welcomed change to the hibernation and sickness that winter brought and I feel I emerged this spring as a new person.

Rather than finding comfort and therapy through the keys on my laptop posting to this blog, I am finding therapy in the days I spend splashing in the river with Kaylee, conversation with friends and neighbors, long walks and bike rides, feeding the baby ducks along the canal, and spending entire days tending to the garden.

I am finding my peace watching Kaylee pick handfuls of beans and a fist full of carrots only to flop down in our strawberry patch and have a breakfast straight from the Earth.

I am finding my healing in the mornings that I don't wake up coughing, the laps I can swim at the gym pool, and the roundness of my belly that only comes when my health is doing well.

I am thankful every single day that I wake and feel well, feel like myself, the self I should be. Not the self stifled by this debilitating disease. I know, after 31 years with this disease, that hard days are around the corner, my lungs will struggle to get my through the day, and the hospital will be my temporary home once again, but until then I am basking in the warmth of the sun, fresh air, and health that this beautiful spring has brought along with it.


  1. I too will try to bask in the fine moments when I can, however brief, however fleeting.

  2. This is so great :) I know you're building lots of happy memories to take with you when times get more challenging again...I hope that's years away!

  3. Yes, the memories of the good times and the hope for future similar memories is absolutely what helps me through the bad times.