Saturday, July 13, 2013

13 Months

Dear BuggyBoo,

You are 13 months today! My Nana (your great-Nana!) said from 1-2 years is her absolute favorite age and now I know why! You make Papi and I laugh all the time! You are getting to know your world and trying to find your place in it which is fascinating to watch. You know what you like and dislike and make it known- sometimes to our pleasure and sometimes to our horror! You ask for things now using the limited vocabulary you have and you tiny pointer finger. For example, your Papi plays a game where he takes of his shirt and whips it to make wind in your direction and then throws it over your head. You LOVE it. Whenever you see his undershirt you pull at it saying, "mas, mas, mas"

Not only do you know what you like and dislike, but you also stand up for yourself which I love to see. You are a strong little girl and I know will grow up to be a strong woman! Once in Spanish class a little boy wanted to take your toy. You buried it in your arms and ran away saying, "no no no!" Everyone in the class was laughing because it was so cute.

Things You Like: You love to reenact everything Mommy and Papi do. You try to put on my shoes, you try to put on your own shoes, you try to put on my sunglasses, and everything is a cell phone. Your cell phone conversations go something like this: "hi, dada!" "lalala(which sounds almost like a yodel)"....(fake laughing and bending over because you are "laughing" so hard)..."lalalala" (more fake laughing)....bye!

Things You Dislike: Clothes and especially diapers. You are my little nudist and since it has been so hot you stomp around the garden in your birthday suit. It is hard not to smile seeing you marching around naked! 

What I Like About This Age: I love that you understand humor now. Sometimes you will pretend you are going to bite our toes and then pull away at the last minute laughing. You love to put things on your head because you know it is silly. You also totally get when we are trying to be silly too. It makes for such fun interactions.

I also love that you are more socially aware. Papi and I were eating at a restaurant the other day and there was a group of elder women at the table next to us. You were intrigued (and not yet socially aware that eavesdropping is rude) and watched them the whole time laughing when they laughed, looking serious when they were serious, and chattering away with your babble when the conversation got lively. 

New Words: Nana (my mom), Papa (my dad), ojos (eyes in Spanish), ball, ouch, hot, agua (said perfectly now), bom bom bom (when you want to hear your song, bom bom bomberos!), and of course pee pee, poo poo.


  1. Wow! She sounds like she is at such a fun and adorable stage. She's growing up so fast!

    1. I love this age! It is so much fun. All her little friends are just as cute and silly so it makes playgroup a blast for us moms.

  2. Wow 13 months already! The time just flies by. How is the potty working out?

    1. It is going so quickly! The potty is going well and I have to thank you so much for encouraging me to buy one. I will send you an e-mail with our progress soon.